Travel & transportation

Travel & transport: the road aheadOur services in Travel and Transportation range from consulting on asset-based strategy development and business process optimisation through to implementation support in major change initiatives, management of ...

Aviation 2035

Scenarios for value chain recomposition and value sharing in aviation post the era of hyper-competition

Airport digital transformation

From operational performance to strategic opportunity


Historic challenges for the automotive industry The automotive industry is going through a series of step changes. The rapid growth of megacities, the greying of Western societies and new technological developments are presenting OEMs around the globe ...

After the hype: Where is the carbon car?

Opportunities for carbon composites in the automotive industry

Future of automotive mobility – reloaded

How end-customer perspective has developed on key mobility trends

Utilities & alternative energy

Utilities & alternative energy: Leading energy into the future for today's leaders, energy is at the top of the agenda. There are worries about access to resources, rising petro-nationalism, threats to supply, increasing fuel prices, problems in ...

What’s next for TSOs?

Leading the way in the energy transition

Flexibility services: Catch me if you can!

Why and how utilities should seize the opportunity before others do